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Most people don’t think about their eyes throughout the day, but if you live with dry eye syndrome, it may be rare for you to stop thinking about them. While everyone experiences dry eye differently, one thing is clear, one treatment plan doesn’t work for everyone. That is why Kara Collier, OD, and Cory Collier, OD, at Artisan Eye in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, take the time to listen to your symptoms, evaluate your eyes and develop patient-specific plans to meet your needs. Request an appointment online or over the phone today to take your next step toward clear and comfortable eyes.

Dry Eyes Q & A

What is dry eye syndrome?

The normal human eye produces tears and maintains them in the eye to keep it lubricated. Those with dry eye syndrome experience a chronic condition where their eyes are unable to produce or maintain enough moisture to stay comfortably hydrated. The result is ongoing eye discomfort and vision challenges. Some of the symptoms of dry eye syndrome include:

  • Gritty/Sandy feeling
  • Itching
  • Stinging
  • Burning
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Blurry vision
  • Watery eyes

What causes dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome can be caused by a number of factors. One of them is the surrounding environment. For example, you may notice your dry eye symptoms are more pronounced when you visit dry climates, spend extended time in spaces with ceiling fans or indoors with air conditioning, or spend long hours on the computer.

Dry eye syndrome can also be caused by medications and a diet insufficient in certain nutrients. For most people, an exact cause may not be clear, although risk factors such as increasing age, female gender, and contact lens wear may increase the likelihood of experiencing dry eye.

How is dry eye syndrome treated?

There are a number of treatments that can give your eyes relief. Artisan Eye may start you with simple treatments, such as artificial tears, suggestions on ways to improve your environment, eyelid treatments including compresses and eyelid scrubs, as well as dietary modifications. If these options are not enough, more advanced options can be explored, such as punctal plugs or prescription eye drops. Punctal plugs are small devices that can be inserted into your tear ducts to stop tear drainage and maintain a higher moisture level in your eye.

Artisan Eye also offers scleral lenses, which are therapeutic contact lenses that act as fluid reservoirs. They are designed to keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

Because dry eye syndrome is a chronic condition, you need a long-term strategy for ongoing relief. To get the help you need, request an appointment online or over the phone today.